Survival Tips For Disaster Preparedness

Disasters always come the way of human beings; no one is aware when it is likely to come. It is for this reason that all individuals should have survival tips in readiness for a disaster.

Disaster preparedness

Assume that a disaster will happen

Never assume that it will not happen. Preparedness starts with the mind, a large percentage of it is psychological. Survival tips are lowered when one is not emotionally and psychologically prepared.

Avoid panic as much as you can

Yes, one must be scared during a survival scenario, but being prepared before the emergency helps you perform better. Equip yourself with facts and get information from reputable sources.

Know your limits

empty hospitalEvery family or individual has limits when it comes to a disaster. Learn how far you stretch and create a survival plan specifically made for you and your family. Get all the medications needed and aids to those with mobility issues. This is just to say, get what you need for survival.

Learn how to do more with less

You and your family should learn how to survive on little at times. Such experience will be obtained from camping outdoors during weekends and holidays more than what you will get from written materials. Experience will teach you best.

Keep it simple

Avoid fancy preparedness, they most of the times fail when the real thing happen. Just be simple but with a plan.

Be prepared for disasters that are more likely to affect your area

Some disasters can never happen in some areas. Be prepared for what is relevant. Preparing for things that cannot happen in your area will only leave you confused when you faced with real happenings.

Together with home based supplies, come up with “bug-out” kit for your family

it should contain all you need in case of an emergency, have supplies you can use if a disaster forces you to evacuate.

Prepare your pets

The aim of emergency preparedness is to keep the whole family safe. If situations force you to evacuate, your pet should never be left behind. A pet emergency kit together with food should also be kept.


fire fighterBe physically prepared and ready to act on your preparedness plan. Most of the people just make the cheap talks. But in such cases, all that is needed is practice, practice your plan over and over again. If you sea areas that require change, do not hesitate to modify them.