Understanding the different methods of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is one of the diverse forms of advertising that we have today. With outdoor advertising, you don’t have to be restricted by one method. You can use the various methods of advertising available to explore your creativity and also gain maximum coverage. Outdoor advertising can go from a small budget up to a big budget. It all depends on the type of advertisement that you are looking for. One thing for sure is that outdoor advertising is a very good strategy if you want to raise public awareness about your goods or services.

Methods of outdoor advertising

Posters and wall painting

Posters and wall paintings are basic methods of advertising, and they are very cheap. However, it is important to use caution when using this method of advertising. You should observe the city laws and regulations because most of the areas do not allow the use of posters and paintings. In the outskirts of the city and areas where outdoor advertising is allowed, this method can be very effective.



Billboards are the most common method of advertising, and they are used in the major cities. Most of the time, billboards are placed on the freeway to target drivers and passenger going through the road. For billboard to work effectively, they must be large enough to be seen, and they should always be direct to the point. Billboards are usually very big, and this means that you should set a big budget when looking for one.

Neon boards

Neon boards make use of interesting and colorful lighting to pass information to potential buyers. Most of the time, the neon boards are placed outside the store to attract customers to buy the items. The bright lighting is also used for holiday advertising and also to showcase special offers.

Human being display

In human being outdoor advertising, someone will wear funny clothing to attract customers to buy the products. This form of advertising is mostly used when advertising kids related items because this will always draw the attention of your kids to buy the products.


Moving advertising

In moving advertising, the advertiser uses vehicles or cars for the advertisement. The vehicles are branded with the logo or the products of the company. As the vehicle moves from one place to another, the customers can see it and gain knowledge about the products.