If you are thinking of adding space or remodeling your home, then it is most likely that you will need the services of a general contractor. It is a big job, and you cannot do it all by yourself.

General contractor


sdfxcvIt is very advisable to develop good communication between you and the project manager as early as possible. It should be a two-way thing between you, this is to mean, you should be able to talk to them, and they should find it easy to talk to you. Make it a must visit the work site every day in the morning. Take time to say the progress of the project and any matters arising with your project manager. It is important that you give him feedback on the progress of the project according to you. If you have a problem be open to telling them, they will not know unless you tell them. Ensure that you get his phone number and ask them if they are comfortable with you calling them in the case of questions or any concerns.

Keep notes

Has it ever happened to you that you had an idea of what you wanted to tell somebody but on actual meeting you cannot figure out what it was? This might happen to you when dealing with a general contractor. You, therefore, need to keep notes on any concerns or matters you wish to discuss with them. Use your notebook to record any ideas. Also, your journal can help you keep track of progress and recording important things like order numbers and delivery dates.

Get changes in writing

During constructions, changes must occur. Either a certain product is not available, or there needs to be a change in the original construction plan. In the case of any changes make sure that you get them in written form. Both you and contractor should sign before any progress is made.

Try to avoid allowances

Allowances will make you go over your budget. It is very important to do away with allowances in your bids by doing shopping early in advance. Tell the contractor the exact pieces you want to purchase. This helps in creating a very accurate contract and keeps away unnecessary overcharges.

Check work

zXccvWhen you visit the work site, take the time to see the progress of the project. If possible be there before they arrive so that you can note down things you would wish to talk to them about.
Pay upon completion. You should never pay more than 10% before the job starts. Contractors can get supplies on credit and pay them after job completion. You should come up with payment agreements, where you pay a certain percentage after a certain level of completion. Make the final payment after the work is complete and you are fully satisfied.

Be a good customer

You want to be a person who they enjoy working for. Ensure the area has a bathroom, learn their names and pay promptly. It is by being good to them that they will be good and give you the best services.