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Reasons for Choosing Keto Diet

Unlike most fad diets, the popularity and success of ketogenic diets never dwindle. As always, there are many heaps of misinformation which come with notoriety. The ketogenic diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate and high-fat. Visit for more on keto diet. Below are the top reasons why this diet is medicine and why you should consider shifting to the keto diet.

Kill Cravings

pizza cravingA keto diet is usually satiating due to the high-fat content in it and helps in removing most trigger foods which drive increased cravings and overeating. Ketone bodies are known to increase dietary restraint and lower hunger. This is in part due to their action on the leptin in the body’s satiety hormone and action on GLP-1 that signals to the brain that you have eaten sufficient food.

Lower Blood Sugar

Keto diets can help manage as well as reverse type 2 diabetes since it allows your body to maintain low glucose levels. By lowering dietary carbohydrates, you eliminate spikes in blood sugar and reduce the need for insulin. When your body manufactures ketones as the primary fuel source from body fat as fuel instead of glucose from carbohydrates, insulin sensitivity is enhanced, and the receptor cells become less inflamed. Ketones can be a cleaner fuel for the brain supporting balanced energy and mood.

Increase and Provides Sustained Energy

Keto diet can also increase energy and lower the slumps and shifts of energy you get when your body runs in carbs. When fat is adapted, the body can reach into stores fat for fuel meaning you can go long stretches without eating and not experience the crashes seen on a carb-heavy diet. Most people note increased energy as a result of going keto.

Burn Stubborn Fat

burning fat

The keto diet has been shown to burn up to ten times more fat than other diets. The research compared a keto diet to a SAD diet and revealed that the keto group had significant changes in weight, BMI, and percent body fat as compared to the SAD diet. On a keto diet, you can reach into the stored fat reserves for energy while sparing muscles. This keeps your calories burned at rest high as you lose inches from pure body fat.

Balances Hormones

Using fat as your primary fuel can be tonifying for your reproductive glands and aids in the release of estrogen stored in the body fat. Keto is also the most powerful diet for fertility since it reduces fasting insulin dramatically, regulate the blood sugar level and support balance of FSH and LH hormones through pituitary mechanisms.

These are some of the reason why it is essential to adopt the keto diet. You can start today to reap these benefits.